IMPORTANT UPDATE! You should update your Media Player Immediately

save nnet - seaorchu-newwutab

If your browser (esp Firefox) randomly redirects to some strange url and display this message “IMPORTANT UPDATE! You should update your Media Player Immediately”, it is likely either the website your accessing is not safe or you have a virus on your system that does the redirect. The redirect does not takes place to the same site or URL, it always goes to a different url.

I have installed a number of anti viruses and anti malware software but they could not help, although some were better than others. Malewarebytetes that I previously relied on heaveily failed this time and has not been upto the mark. Well turns out, you have to remove these virus manually!! Yes manually!

You literally have to hunt for these software on your system. The best way is

  1. Go to control panel and Uninstall software. Click the installed date column header so everything is sorted by installed date, the latest being on top.
  2. Go throgh the entire list and look for possible culprits. The programs usually would have weird names. In my case the two culprits were “sAve nnet” and “SeaorCChu-Neewutab”.

As soon as I clicked on these to uninstall, a popup came up saying I do have proper permission (which I should have as I am the administrator on my system). My antivirus 360 Total Security, poped up the dialog alerting my about the virus. In the second attempt they were removed and hopefully my system will be ok.



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