Install Ajax Toolkit/toolbox in Visual Studio 2013

PM console
This is a two step process.

  1. Download Ajax Toolkit
  2. Add Ajax Controls to Toolbox

Install ASP Ajax Toolkit

In Visual Studio 2013, go to tools > Library Package Manager > Package Manager Console and issue the following command in the white area

PM > Install-Package AjaxControlToolkit

Give it a minute or two, this will install AjaxControlToolKit into your current project.You should be able to see AjaxControlToolKit under reference in your project. I would advise to create a project rather than website so every thing is smooth.

Add Ajax Controls

At this point you have Ajax installed in your project but you do not see Ajax Controls in your toolbox. To fix that, right click on the Standard Toolbox and click Add. Give a name such as “Ajax Controls”. Right click on “Ajax Controls” and select choose items.

To find the path of the ajaxcontrols toolkit, click on reference and select AjaxControlToolkit, select properties. Note down the path and copy it. In the previous step, select browse and past this url. It will load all ajax controls. Make sure to select OK at the end.

Now all controls should appear in the “Ajax Controls” toolbox.


It is possible that not all controls are loaded in the ajaxtoolbox. In my case TabContainer was there but TabPanel was not there. TabPanel was actuall accessible in code and was working find but was not visible in the toolbox. To test your ajax, you can simply copy and past the following. Three TABS should show on the page.


Header Template



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