Page suddenly removed from google index

I wrote a little blog about SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad who got himself transferred from Peshawar because the situation their was dismal and he was an honest and brave officer who did not compromise on his honest and strong work ethics. I submitted the article to google index and it appeared on page one on google with keywords “Faisal Shahzad SSP Investigation”. In fact it was the number 1 entry on first page.

One second, day when I did keyword search, it appeared no where on search. Not on first page, not on second in fact nowhere. So I checked my google index using faisal

and the result was empty. It turned out that the page has been removed from google index. I don’t understand why it could be removed. Did someone request it to be removed, did KPK Government requested it to be removed as the article would bring bad name of KPK Police where they have touted alot about reforms and esp police reforms.

I am still skeptical, why this article was removed which would have been of great insight for people who are dealing with KPK Police as this article gave a clear picture of disastrous internals of KPK Police or may be it violeted google code ethics? If Yes, I don’t know how can could violated ethic as it was original article by me and used not tactics to bring the site on top. Anyone who can have insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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