Keyword Domain

What are the benefits or shortcomming of a keyword domain, which is rich for a particular search?

Let taking example of find business in a particular city and lets make the domain name as the city name. I have done exactly that. I created a website where on can submit their local business which can be found easily by a visitor.

My experience so far, the results are great for business in peshawar BUT I have also expanded this site to other cities in Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Kohat and the results there are not that great. One reason is that there is competition for those keywords and since my domain name does not match that city name, it does not appear earlier in the result. I dont’ know what is the exact story is but it seems like keyword domain may work great for one city in particular or if the keyword is pertaining to the site theme it will work great but apart from that, it may EVEN hurt you. Or may be not! I have to find that answer.

Here is a good link about keyword domain

Write below your own comments if you have any about the subject!

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