XC32 not showing up in tool suite MPLAB 8.92

x32 not showing up

In Microchip MPLAB IDE 8.92, “Microchip PIC32 C-Compiler toolsuite” were not showing. If that is the case, you just have to click t he checkbox “Show all installed toolsuits”.

Here is t he complete list of compilers

2018-01-02 16_29_55-Project Wizard


This is what you see if you dont check the checkbox


x32 not showing up-1

There is a related topic on microship site where the suggestion is that you need to register the DLL but here you don\t have to do that.


The reason C32 compiler is now showing up could be because the right microcontroller is not selected (it does not support C32). There is a bug in MPLAB, if you select MX32 bit microcontroller in the first project, it selects the default 8-bit micrcontroller instead, hence 32 bit options are not showing by default.

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