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How to fix colors on Macbook pro Display

I had this problem recently. My macbook pro laptop display all of sudden has bad display. It was basically not showing full colors. The colors were as if it were 16 bit or something, although I did not change the … Continue reading

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Macbook Air 2013 vs 2012

#widgets {display:none;visibility:hidden;} #post {width:920px} 13″ Macbook Air 2013 was released today on July 10, 2013. Lets compare it against 2012 Macbook Air. Summary Everything is the same including display, resolution, shape, weight and technology except Processor power reduced from 1.8GHz … Continue reading

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Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion OS X

There has been some confusion over weather I should upgrade to Mountain lion because It makes your computer slow The upgrade might crash your data The Air Play does not work Siri Dictation is stupid I lost some nice features … Continue reading

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SVN Server for Mac OSX

If you have worked with SVN Repositories on Windows and you are migrating to a Macintosh, you might be wondering if there is any free SVN Server available for mac such as Visual SVN? The answer is, Yes. There is … Continue reading

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Macbook Pro 2011 vs 2012

The specs of macbook pro 2011 13″ laptop are not easily available on site. If you want to look at it, here is the link Here I will do a breif comparison, should you upgrade and what has … Continue reading

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N-400 pdf does not open on Mac because of Security Reason

If you tried to download the Citizenship form N-400, you would notice that it does not opon. It shows wrong file size (106kb) and it says you need pdf to open this file. The error appears because of security reason. … Continue reading

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Macbook Pro Slow and Freezes a lot

If you 2011 macbook pro is slow, freezes a lot, it could be because it needs more RAM. They come with 4GB RAM but if you open a lot of browser window and doing multiple things, you will quickly find … Continue reading

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