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Remove white spaces using regular expression [t ]+

The correct expression to remove white spaces using regular expression is [t ]+ — Make sureĀ  you select Regular Expression in Search Criteria I used the following which id not quite work [t ]*. The problem with this one is … Continue reading

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Undefined index select

You can get Notice: Undefined index: *name* on line xx if you are using select input box but there are not option inside it. In other words, it is empty. This can happen if a script populates the options which … Continue reading

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Copy and Past in Visual Studio and Fix IDs

When you copy a big chunk of ASP.NET code the chances are you are going to run int IDs problem. IDs from the new code is wiped as soon as you past them. Here is a solution to fix it. … Continue reading

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set up new website in iis7

Setting up new site in IIS can be tricky. Actually the process is easy most of the time it may not work for you mainly because of Application pool setting or for other unknown reason. I had similar issue setting … Continue reading

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directory is already under version control SmartSVN

I was getting this error while adding my project in SmartSVN and I had no clue whatsoever *directory* is already under version control SmartSVN The reason I was getting this error was because I had select the root folder andĀ the … Continue reading

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Greedy means it will go towards the end of line and will NOT stop at first match if there are other matches available. ‘.*’ = Greedy ‘.*?’ = Lazy Lazy has extra character (?) in the regex syntax. Similarly you … Continue reading

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List all worker processess in IIS

If you hit ctrl+alt+del, you will notice one ore many w3wp process. Each of these correspond to a different site (or Application Pool). In Windows Task Manager, you cannot judge which process is associated with which site. You can issue … Continue reading

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