XC32 not showing up in tool suite MPLAB 8.92

x32 not showing up

In Microchip MPLAB IDE 8.92, “Microchip PIC32 C-Compiler toolsuite” were not showing. If that is the case, you just have to click t he checkbox “Show all installed toolsuits”.

Here is t he complete list of compilers

2018-01-02 16_29_55-Project Wizard


This is what you see if you dont check the checkbox


x32 not showing up-1

There is a related topic on microship site where the suggestion is that you need to register the DLL but here you don\t have to do that.


The reason C32 compiler is now showing up could be because the right microcontroller is not selected (it does not support C32). There is a bug in MPLAB, if you select MX32 bit microcontroller in the first project, it selects the default 8-bit micrcontroller instead, hence 32 bit options are not showing by default.

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Keyword Domain

What are the benefits or shortcomming of a keyword domain, which is rich for a particular search?

Let taking example of find business in a particular city and lets make the domain name as the city name. I have done exactly that. I created peshawar.co a website where on can submit their local business which can be found easily by a visitor.

My experience so far, the results are great for business in peshawar BUT I have also expanded this site to other cities in Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Kohat and the results there are not that great. One reason is that there is competition for those keywords and since my domain name does not match that city name, it does not appear earlier in the result. I dont’ know what is the exact story is but it seems like keyword domain may work great for one city in particular or if the keyword is pertaining to the site theme it will work great but apart from that, it may EVEN hurt you. Or may be not! I have to find that answer.

Here is a good link about keyword domain

Write below your own comments if you have any about the subject!

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show hidden files in FireFTP

fireftp option2

1. Fire up FireFTP
2. In the top bar, click tools and then options
3. In general table, select show hidden files

you are all set.

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security code is not valid – Apple ID

I encountered this error “Security code is not valid” when I tried to login into https://appleid.apple.com/account/manage to update my credit card info. The security code was reference to the 3 digit code at the back of the credit card.


Re-Type the credit card number and then save will fix the problem (hopefully) as in my case.

So what was the bug

I think what is buggy is if you select a previous credit card which had expired and want to update only expiration date etc, it will give this error. Simply do not select the previously loaded cards and start with enter new numbers. Hope it fixes the problem.

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convincing stories that ghost exists

The following are convincing stories that ghost exist. It left no doubt in my mind that certain souls have died have not really left us completely. It also shows that once they are communicated (without any proper…), they will go away and vanish for ever.

Smell of Death in Room 12

There was something odd about room 12, esp the smell of death that was comming from it…

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Inpage not working in Windows 10 Fix

Inpage software (Urdu Writing) does not work in Windows 10 (at least with me) to fix, right click on inpage.exe file and go to properties. Select compatability mode as Windows XP Service Pack3 (or Service pak2) and it will work.

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Page suddenly removed from google index

I wrote a little blog about SSP Investigation Faisal Shahzad who got himself transferred from Peshawar because the situation their was dismal and he was an honest and brave officer who did not compromise on his honest and strong work ethics. I submitted the article to google index and it appeared on page one on google with keywords “Faisal Shahzad SSP Investigation”. In fact it was the number 1 entry on first page.

One second, day when I did keyword search, it appeared no where on search. Not on first page, not on second in fact nowhere. So I checked my google index using

site:peshawar.co faisal

and the result was empty. It turned out that the page has been removed from google index. I don’t understand why it could be removed. Did someone request it to be removed, did KPK Government requested it to be removed as the article would bring bad name of KPK Police where they have touted alot about reforms and esp police reforms.

I am still skeptical, why this article was removed which would have been of great insight for people who are dealing with KPK Police as this article gave a clear picture of disastrous internals of KPK Police or may be it violeted google code ethics? If Yes, I don’t know how can could violated ethic as it was original article by me and used not tactics to bring the site on top. Anyone who can have insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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