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gridview will not update does not give no error

GridView in ASP.NET will not update but it give no error. This took some 1+ hour of mine trying to resolve. I looked at this popular post but I could not find solution to my problem. The problem in my … Continue reading

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Looping through gridview in C# always return empty

I had a gridview which was bounded to a datasource (datatable in my case) in code behind in C#. Code was something like this foreach (GridViewRow Row in GV_Items.Rows) { string str = Row.Cells[0].Text; } This was always returning empty … Continue reading

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One combined footer in GridView – ASP.NET

This link explains how to display the footer of a Gridview as one large cell rather than every cell has its own footer. I tried this solution but it did not work for me. I tweaked it and posted the … Continue reading

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