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The type of column “xxx” conflicts with the type of other columns specified in the UNPIVOT list.

When pivoting data in SQL Server, all columns must be of same time, otherwise you will get this error. You might get this error if you have imperfect case statement or one column is of integer type while the other … Continue reading

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cannot find stored procedure SQL Server

I was creating a stored procedure on my live server and was constantly getting the error message “Cannot find stored procedure” no matter how many times i created the same stored procedure on the server. Worse if I would create … Continue reading

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How to create voucher numbers in SQL?

This is a short tutorial on creating voucher numbers in SQL Server. I took most of the help from this so article but made my own changes. This can be very handy script if you are working in a financial … Continue reading

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Be careful with CASE and NULL statement

Checking NULL values in database can be a little tricky. It is very easy to trickle those if you do not provide correct syntax. The recommend way to check null is ISNULL(myfieldname,”). When using NULL in case statement, it might … Continue reading

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