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How to fix colors on Macbook pro Display

I had this problem recently. My macbook pro laptop display all of sudden has bad display. It was basically not showing full colors. The colors were as if it were 16 bit or something, although I did not change the … Continue reading

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Windows Service Template for Visual Studio 2013 [Download]

Windows Service Project template is not supplied with Visual Studio 2013 Express versions. They can simply be exported from Professional Version of Visual Studio and then copied into Express version. I have done so using Visual Studio 2013. Download and … Continue reading

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Cannot Add Wireless Network on Mac using System Preferences

I had this issue. I accidentally deleted my wireless network from my mac (I was trying to delete a VPN Connection to fix another issue), what happened aft wards were 4 hours of troubleshooting trying to add the wireless network … Continue reading

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How to create a startup

I am actually a man of ideas. I have created several starups mostly by myself alone. They did not thrive a bit! I thought I will share my experience who to create a startup and thrive? You have an idea … Continue reading

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